Memoir Brainstorming


It seems like everybody is writing a memoir these days. Barrack Obama, Michelle Obama, you name it! I’m trying to get an early start on mine and wanted to share some potential titles that might be fitting:

“Please Excuse My Pants Boner” and Other Things I Said On Our First Date

Weird Facts About My Teeth That My Dentist Insisted Would Make Good Conversation Starters

Goe Jallo: The Joe Gallo Story

I Don’t Mean To Be Forward, But I Think I Love You: Tales of Unrequited Love

Yosemite and Other National Parks I Pronounced Wrong Until College

Waffle Shirts: Deliciously Warm or Warmly Delicious?

So What?: Applebee’s and Other Guilty Pleasures

Pigs, My Sex Life, and Other Things That Are Full of Baloney

You Can’t Spell “Hopeless Romantic” Without Hopeless: A Story of Hope

Sweating Profusely and Other Things I Learned About Myself In High School

Fake Band Names I’ve Compiled and Ranked Based On How Much I Want To Be In Them

How To Succeed In Breakups Without Really Crying